Tutor: Laura Kirkwold
Length:Full Year Class Period: Wednesday, period 2 or Thursday, period 2 (Choose 1)

DescriptionThis is a high school level Chemistry course which follows Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry text with weekly Lab work. Upon completion of this course, the student will have the high school chemistry requirements behind them. This CHAT Chemistry course skips some of the book and spends more time at the beginning of the year laying a math-science foundation. This course will work on the Algebra concepts needed for chemistry. I will be starting out with Module 1 and Bridge Math together for the first 4 weeks. Getting this foundation established will be hugely beneficial in conquering the rest of the year. The amount of math included involves equations, scientific notation, and significant figures. This course will cover the following topics: properties of matter, separation of mixtures, analysis of the Periodic Table, molecular bonds and shapes, naming compounds, calculating empirical formulas, chemical reactions, stoichiometry, gas laws, states of matter, changes of state, concentrations, and applied chemistry (water chemistry, acids and bases, pH). The labs will include single and double displacement reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, and separations chemistry. The curriculum is organized to do approximately 1/2 a module and one lab per week, with tests every 2 weeks. Students will be expected to keep up and do all bookwork and tests at home on their own, grade their own homework, and come to class prepared to do the labs. Class time will include lecture, labs, and addressing student questions. 

Tutor: Laura Kirkwold has a B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences. After graduation she worked in the research lab at the University of Minnesota Dental School. She has four graduated and working young adults. She has been teaching at CHAT since 2007.

1st Semester Cost:  $260, $270, or $280 (depending on registration date)
2nd Semester Cost: 
$230, $240, or $250 (depending on registration date)
: Grades 10-12

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 1 and Jr. High Science
Homework: 2-5 hours per week
Text: (To be purchased by parents for each student) Exploring Creation with Chemistry, 2nd edition (MUST be 2nd edition, not the 3rd edition), by Dr. Jay Wile, Apologia (ISBN #978-1-932012-26-2), and Bridge Math Workbook, ($36)  by Durrell C. Dobbins PhD (Some of these books may be available used. Check the CHAT Used Textbook site and other online sites.)  If you have a difficult time finding a textbook, check with Mrs. Kirkwold.  She has a few copies for rent.

bridge math

Bridge Math




Apologia Chemistry


SuppliesTexas Instruments TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator, notebook  (Most of the lab fee is included in the first semester price for the class (above).)