Drawing Basics
Tutor: Sandy Adler
Email: sandy.adler@chatclasses.com
Length: 1st semester Class Period: Thursday, period 1

Description: The objective of this class is to provide a solid foundation in drawing basics. Drawing is a very important building block that is foundational to all other mediums of art.  Students will learn and apply a wide variety of art techniques, terminology, and uses of various drawing tools as they are introduced to elements of line, tone, shading, blending, graphing, and many other important concepts that will radically improve drawing skills. Lessons will cover fine arts concepts such as light and shadow, perspective and dimension, and layering and composition. Class is fun and upbeat, and students apply everything they learn immediately into their work.

Students 9th grade and up wishing to earn a full transferable high school art credit will need to complete 60 class hours that include instruction, reading & video assignments, practice time, a sketch diary of all lessons and drawing assignments, and 2 special projects to be mounted for presentation. Instructor will provide necessary forms. Other students will need to attend all scheduled classes and complete drawing assignments and projects given by instructor.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work at the CHAT Christmas Celebration.

Tutor:  Sandy Adler attended Austin Community College to pursue an A.A. in Fine Arts, Minneapolis Technical College to pursue an A.A. in Graphic/Commercial Design, and Crown College for a B.A.  in Christian Education.  She is currently a practicing and accomplished artist in both fine arts and graphic design.  She is the Director of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion as well as Vice President of Heart of the City Ministries, a non-profit organization led by Sandy and her husband for the purpose of bringing racial and denominational unity to the Body of Christ in the Twin Cities area.  Her paintings in oil pastel have been featured in businesses in the Osseo area.  She has been teaching art for the past 17 years in area co-ops as well as after school enrichment programs in the local school districts, with over 160 students during the 20012-13 school year.  In 2006 Sandy won a grant through the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to bring her pastels class into a select group of inner-city schools, in order to provide supplies and instruction to students living at or below poverty level.  An 11-year home school veteran herself, Sandy’s passion is to make art instruction engaging and inspiring for students of all levels, and to help them truly learn to “see” the beauty of God’s world around them as they learn art basics and secrets that hone their own skills and abilities as young artists.

Cost:  $222, $232 or $242 (depending on registration date)
Grades 7-12
Prerequisite: none
Homework: Up to 2-3 hours per week
Text: none
Supplies: Mounting materials are included in the price of the class (above).  The supplies listed below may either be purchased by students on their own, or ordered  through the tutor.   (The tutor is able to purchase supplies online for a radically reduced price at bulk rates, and it is also beneficial for students to be working with the same quality of materials).  Supplies are listed below and MUST BE BROUGHT FOR BY THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS, or paid for by that day if ordered through the tutor. Mrs. Adler will email a detailed supplies list to order from before classes begin, AND REIMBURSEMENT FOR SUPPLIES IS PAID DIRECTLY TO TUTOR SEPARATE FROM TUITION.

  1. A spiral bound (important) sketch book 11 X 14.  Paper can be sketching/drawing quality, the more pages the better for optimal creativity!  (approx. $8.50)
  2. A set of drawing pencils including at least one H-lead, and a range of B-leads at least including B-2, B-4, and B-6. (approx. $6.50)
  3. At least one charcoal pencil - $2.00 each
  4. Kneadable eraser - $1.50 each
  5. Blending tortillions (NOT the harder blending stumps) - $.50 each (need at least 2)
  6. Ruler and sharpener (Bring from home)

Sample of the types of work done in class: