Life Science
(Grades 7-8)
Tutor: Sarah Schultz
Length: Full Year Class Period: Wednesday, period 3

Description: This is a jr. high life science class with labs. It will focus on various topics in life sciences including classification of life, the chemistry of life, cell structure and function, genetics, forensics, pathogens and disease, anatomical structures, and ecology.

Tutor: Sarah Schultz earned a bachelor of science degree from the University of Northern Iowa, majoring in Psychology and Social Work. She worked as a youth director in a large youth program in Cedar Falls, IA, which gave her many opportunities to work with students in a variety of settings. During this time, she also had the opportunity to facilitate the junior and senior high leadership development programs for the public schools. After meeting her husband, Will, and moving to Minnesota, Sarah worked briefly for the YMCA and then as a tutor for the Robbinsdale District in the middle school alternative ed. and expulsion classrooms. Currently, Sarah homeschools her four children. While being part of the homeschool community, Sarah has coached elementary Science Olympiad teams and taught science, social studies, and literature classes at STAR Homeschool Academy and CHAT. Sarah is a life long learner who enjoys teaching and learning alongside students of any age in a variety of subjects.

Cost: $225, $235, $245 per semester (depending on the registration date)
: Grades 7-8

Prerequisite: None
Homework:  Weekly homework including reading and hands on projects.
Text:  We use a variety of teaching resources, so there is not a textbook to be purchased.
Supplies: TBD